Laxey School uniform

Our pupils wear school uniform from Reception to Year 6. Maroon school sweatshirts, featuring the school logo, should be worn over white or blue polo shirts.

Polo shirts may be plain or with the school logo. They are worn with grey school trousers or shorts, tunics or skirts. Both boys and girls should wear black/dark school style shoes. In the summer, girls may wear red or yellow checked cotton dresses.

We are aware, of course, that from time to time and for different reasons (a tear in the trousers, a hole in the shoe etc) it is not possible for the correct school uniform to be worn. In these circumstances, it would be appreciated if you could send a note of explanation. We are proud of our school identity, and the uniform plays a large part in that.

PE kit

For PE and Games all children require shorts, a T-shirt and plimsolls/ trainers. During colder weather they may wish to bring tracksuits, or jogging trousers and a sweatshirt, for outdoor activities.

Our uniform is available to buy at Promenade Shirts, Douglas.

Uniform Order Form


Children go swimming in Key Stage 2 and require a swimming costume and towel. Children with longer hair are required to wear swimming caps. Boys must wear trunks, not shorts.


In the interests of safety all jewellery and watches must be removed before PE and swimming. If your child has had their ears pierced and needs the earrings to stay in while they heal, they will be required to cover them with plasters for all PE activities. Long hair must be tied back.