What is Higher Order Thinking?

We are developing our higher order thinking skills (HOTS) at Laxey.

Higher order thinking acknowledges that there are different levels of thinking, starting from the simple skill of remembering up to much more in-depth levels of critical thinking like 'evaluating'.

There are many models of HOTS now, but the basis for most are from Bloom's Taxonomy. At Laxey, we have used Bloom's to develop our skills based curriculum further.


The Thinking Maps

Thinking maps are eight visual learning tools. Each one is based on a higher order thinking skill. They allow the children to organise and direct their thoughts and also give the children a consistent tool that is used right through the school.

The flexibility of the Thinking Maps helps to promote:

*collaborative learning

*reflective thinking


*Communication skills

Examples of our Thinking Maps

Year 3 & 4 - Explaining the causes and effects of the Kumamoto Flood

Year 6 - Reflecting on what they know about Medieval Times

Year 6 - Comparing peasants and farmers from Medieval Times

Reception - Gathering information for their Pets topic

Reception - Using Tree maps to classify in phonics

Year 5 - Gathering evidence of what they know before starting their electricity learning