Welcome to Laxey Primary School

Laxey Primary School is located in the heart of Laxey Village. The people of Laxey play a big part in the school and we strive to be an active contributor to the community. We provide education for children from the ages of 4 – 11, Reception to Year 6.

Laxey School is part of a Federation with the Dhoon School, located just 4.5 miles away. As a Federated school we operate differently to other schools on the Island. Maxim Kelly is the Executive Headteacher at both Laxey and the Dhoon School and oversees the planning and strategic operations at both schools. Craig Astin is the Head of School at Laxey and takes lead in organising and running the school on a daily basis.

The School takes pride in our vision to create an environment where everyone feels valued and has equal opportunities to thrive. We believe in a growth mindset teaching style and encourage children to instill these learning habits into their daily lives. All of the staff believe in this philosophy, understanding that every child can learn and succeed with the right attitude, guidance and support.

In our most recent inspection (November 2018) we were validated as ‘Very Effective’. Since this report we have continued to develop our strengths and build on any of our weaknesses.

One area we are particularly focusing on is creating stronger partnerships with parents, carers, other professionals and the wider community. Here are some of the comments from the last parent questionnaire:

  • The school caters for the individual needs of my children
  • The School is always willing to see me, even at short notice if I have any concerns or worries
  • I feel my children are always included in School
  • Communication is very good, I always know what is happening

We take pride in being an Inclusive school and we were recently awarded the IQM (Inclusive Quality Mark) Inclusive School Award. Over the next few years we intend on achieving two further awards. A flagship school and center of excellence for Inclusive practice.

We hope you find this School Website useful and informative. If there is anything further you would like to find out, you can contact us at laxeyenquiries@sch.im. Please don’t hesitate in contacting the school if there is anything you need to ask.

We look forward to meeting you and your children very soon.

Mr M Kelly (Executive Headteacher, Laxey School)