Laxey School

Growing Minds, Shaping Futures: Nurturing Lifelong Learners with a Growth Mindset at Laxey Primary School

The Isle of Man Quality Assurance Model is based upon ongoing school and educational service self-improvement, with the aim of supporting schools and educational services in personal and organisational growth, ensuring the best outcomes are achieved for all children and young people whilst enabling schools and services to work together. Throughout this process your child’s development remains at the heart of the Island’s education system.

External validation is a part of the ongoing quality assurance systems that are used daily within schools and services. It supports schools and services to understand the validity of their judgments, by providing rigour, focus, offering informed challenge and enabling reflection to allow schools and services to plan for improvement. The external validation will be carried out by an independent team.

Laxey School will be visited by the external validation team on 9th, 16th and 17th May 2024. In preparation for our visit we have produced an Executive Summary of our judgments against the criteria in the Isle of Man Quality Assurance Framework. This has been shared with the Parent Group Forum, staff team and school governors so that as many stakeholders as possible have been included in the process.

You can find our Executive Summary below, together with a leaflet that explains the Isle of Man Quality Assurance Model.

External Validation 2024 - Parent Information

DESC External Validation Leaflet for Parents and Carers