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Growing Minds, Shaping Futures: Nurturing Lifelong Learners with a Growth Mindset at Laxey Primary School

Growing Minds, Shaping Futures Nurturing Lifelong Learners With a Growth Mindset at Laxey Primary School

At Laxey Primary School, our vision revolves around nurturing the minds and hearts of our pupils to become lifelong learners who embrace a growth mindset. We believe that a growth mindset is the foundation for success in school and beyond, and we are committed to instilling these core values in every child:

Readiness: Be Ready to Learn

We encourage our pupils to approach each day with enthusiasm and a readiness to learn. By sustaining their efforts, believing in themselves, actively listening, and being willing to embrace new challenges, our pupils are prepared to excel in any endeavour they pursue.

Reflectiveness: Learn and Improve

We teach our pupils the importance of planning, setting goals, and taking pride in their accomplishments. We emphasise using feedback as a valuable tool for improvement and learning from mistakes. Through flexibility and adaptability, our pupils develop the skills needed to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Relationships: Build Positive Connections

At Laxey Primary School, we foster a sense of community where pupils are encouraged to be role models, showing empathy, collaboration, and kindness to one another. We instil values that promote respect for everyone, creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

Remembering: Apply Knowledge Effectively

Our pupils learn to extract wisdom from their experiences, understanding that practise makes skills permanent. They are taught to transfer their knowledge to new contexts, appreciate diverse ideas, and make smart choices that positively impact their lives and the world around them.

Resilience: Face Challenges with Courage

We empower our pupils to embrace challenges with courage and perseverance. They learn to stick with difficult tasks, take calculated risks, manage distractions, and utilise their "learning bubble" to stay focused on their goals.

Resourcefulness: Be Ready for Anything

We equip our pupils with valuable life skills, teaching them to be organised and adaptable problem solvers. They are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and stay motivated in the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

At Laxey Primary School, we believe that these principles are not just essential for success in school but are vital life skills that will serve our pupils well in all aspects of their lives. Our commitment to fostering a growth mindset ensures that each child leaves our school with the confidence and determination to face the challenges of an ever-changing world, armed with the skills and values to thrive as lifelong learners.

We also provide opportunities for children to fulfil the outcomes from the DESC’s Essentials for Learning (E4L) curriculum which can be viewed on the DESC website.

We teach most key literacy and numeracy skills in small focus groups which allow us to cater for children’s ever changing needs as they develop their skills and progress. Children play an active part in assessing their learning so they know what they need to learn next.Our curriculum is creative and engaging, with the children taking part in planning many of the activities. There is a balance between teacher-directed learning and time for children to investigate their own lines of enquiry through independent, self chosen challenges.

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Laxey Learners

We've mapped out what a Laxey pupil ultimately becomes if they use the Laxey Learning Habits, develop a growth mindset, attend our school and experience our curriculum. We aspire for all of our pupils to become “Laxey Learners” - a term which celebrates the growth mindset and learning power culture that is so established in the school and makes clear the outcomes it aims to produce: Laxey Learners are fit for the future; Laxey Learners are successful; Laxey Learners are compassionate; Laxey Learners are leaders; and Laxey learners are inclusive. Coming to Laxey means a commitment that no child is left behind, as we develop in them the skills to tackle the challenges of the 21st century and create tomorrow’s leaders amongst others. We believe our Laxey Learners statement is an important strand to our school that helps mark us out as clearly and identifiably inclusive in nature because it seeks to build character in everyone. In everyone. Regardless of age, stage, background, culture or gender. It accepts no excuses in its belief that every child can succeed and deserves to be taught to the very highest standard.

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Our Laxey Curriculum

At Laxey School, we are committed to providing a rich, varied and exciting curriculum for all of our pupils. We offer a wide range of opportunities for children to learn in different ways, catering for a range of learning styles. This means that our pupils learn to work both independently and collaboratively, developing an understanding of themselves as learners and recognising the ways in which they learn most effectively.

Our curriculum is creative and innovative, with our team of talented staff able to deliver high quality teaching and learning through an "on demand" and fluid content dynamic; an approach that our pupils find engaging and inspiring, thanks to the variety and range of different activities on offer, and which allows them to make connections between the different areas of learning.

Our curriculum also includes a commitment to helping our pupils learn to learn; we believe that children should develop an understanding of how they learn most effectively, reflect on their own progress and be involved in identifying their own ‘next steps’, thus developing the skills to be a successful learner for life.

Foundation Stage Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Safe and nurturing, high quality learning environment.

Multi sensory learning experience for the children – both inside and outside of the classroom.

Introduction to our growth mindset philosophy, encouraging children to foster positive attitudes towards their learning.

High quality teaching experience that is meaningful and well planned for

Provision encourages the children to explore their thinking, be creative, use their imagination and become active learners.

In Key Stage One children are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum through a range of exciting and engaging learning activities in and outside of the classroom.

Develop and foster positive attitude towards learning, valuing all contributions whilst meeting their individual needs.

At the core of Key Stage One the children will be developing their literacy, phonics and numeracy skills. The children will learn these skills through a fostering of enjoyment, perseverance and determination to succeed.

The Education journey continues, further developing skills across the curriculum.

English lessons have an emphasis on grammatical features and precise sentence structure.

Lessons include opportunities to appreciate and understand a wide range of classic and modern literature.

Purposeful links are made across the curriculum areas with Manx themes embedded into the children’s learning.

A greater emphasis on formal efficient methods in calculation, applying them to problem solving and reasoning activities.

Strong focus on English and Maths.

The expectations in Key Stage 2 are always high, supported by strong teaching methods, clear communication about the quality of work expected, assessment that informs areas of improvement and support through extension activities designed to further challenge the children.

The curriculum is delivered through direct formal teaching with independent learning opportunities and collaboration is encouraged.