Laxey School

Growing Minds, Shaping Futures: Nurturing Lifelong Learners with a Growth Mindset at Laxey Primary School

About us

Laxey School is situated in the village of Laxey, around eight miles north east of the capital, Douglas. It serves a mixed catchment area consisting of owner-occupied properties, local authority housing and some farms. Forming part of a Federation with Dhoon School, just a short drive away along the coast, the overall responsibility for both schools lies with the Executive Headteacher, Maxim Kelly, and the day to day organisation of Laxey School is overseen by Craig Astin, Head of School.

The school was opened in 1929. It is housed in the original building, with an extension which was opened in 1999. The school operates across different floors with stair and lift access to the sports hall. Laxey School benefits from a large number of classrooms, a youth wing, kitchens and dedicated dining room, sports hall and changing facilities, and a substantial playground area with recreational equipment and a climbing wall.

Our indoor learning environment is stimulating, purposeful and vibrant, reflecting our high standards.

Our Team

Executive Headteacher

Mr Maxim Kelly

Head of School

Mr Craig Astin

Assistant Head of School

Mrs Rebecca Walker


Mrs Carol Glover - Chair of Governing Body

Mrs Rebecca Walker - Teacher Governor

Mrs Libby Pinnington - Parent Governor

Mr Gareth Young - Co-opted Governor

Teaching Staff

Miss Kirsten Evans

Mrs Nicola Kerr

Miss Chris Liggins

Mrs Kirsty Knight

Miss Holly Kelly

Miss Shannon Bridson

Mrs Samantha Bowden

Mrs Sarah Gale

Teaching Support

Miss Nadia Smith

Mrs Nicola Sherry

Mrs Charlotte McCauley

Mrs Louise Gribble

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Carol Williams

Ms Samantha Bridson


Ms Stephanie Webb

Caretaking Team

John Kerr (Caretaker)

Ms Esther Skillicorn (Cleaner)

Ms Ingrid Skillicorn (Cleaner)

Ancillary Support

Mrs Melissa Mackie

Ms Samantha Bridson

Miss Stephanie Webb

Mrs Charlotte McCauley