You can find a selection of activities here from Michelle Storton at Manx Birdlife.

Nature Activities to try at home Bird Word Mat High frequency words Draw your favourite bird Garden Bird ID Sheet
Home and Garden Audit Habitats KS1 Beak Food ID KS2 Beak Food ID YR 2, 3, 4 Bird search

Maths Challenges

Reception Maths Challenge Year 1 Maths Challenge Year 2 Maths Challenge Year 3 Maths Challenge
Year 4 Maths Challenge Year 5 Maths Challenge Year 6 Maths Challenge


Habitats Yr1/Yr2 Habitats Yr3/Yr4
Habitats Yr4/Yr5 Habitats Yr6

You can find out more about Manx birdlife here.

Please share your learning with Michelle Storton on and Laxey School.

Happy bird spotting.

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All Year Group Extras

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